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Microsoft Technology

ComputerLogic is employing several key Microsoft technologies to speed products to market, enable greater customer collaboration, and ease long-term support requirements. These technologies include the following:

The .NET framework provides an expanded library of classes (functionality) that previously required significant development time. Additionally, the framework has integrated support for XML documents and services.
Visual Studio is a desktop tool used to develop software. Microsoft's latest version has been expanded and enhanced. It now automates many engineering tasks related to data, forms and web services.
C# (pronounced "c sharp") is Microsoft's newest language that builds upon the object-oriented characteristics of Java while fully integrating with Visual Studio.
ASP has been the traditional technology for developing web applications. ASP has now been completely re-engineered to support web services. ASP.NET now supports object-oriented languages and is compiled, resulting in better, faster applications.
XML Web Services is an open industry standard for delivering data and associated functionality over the Internet. Web services operate in a way that usually requires no changes to infrastructure. Customers may use these services as needed and can even integrate them easily into their own applications.
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